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Types of Interviews


     A few questions designed to find out if you would fit their company's culture and the basic job requirements.  For example, human resources representatives may do screening interviews at job fairs.


     One-on-one interview with a full range of questions about the position.  Usually at the company.


     An individual interview back to back with an interview with another interviewer.  The interviewers could be the immediate supervisor, the boss, or a co-worker.  They may ask the same questions.  It is okay to give the same responses.


     Interactive type of interview with other people who are applying for the same position.  Employers use this technique to see how you work in a group.  They look for leadership and team skills.  Mainly used in banks or residence halls.


     A type of interview where you feel like someone is kicking the back of your chair.  Usually used for sales or finance positions where they want to know that really want the job.  They may suggest you apply to another company or ask the same question over and over.


     Two or more employees interviewing you at once.  They may take turns asking you questions.  Direct your answers to the person who asks you a question.  As you are answering, calmly make eye contact with the other people at the table.

Problem solving

     Questions to find out how you think through and solve a problem.  How many pennies are in the state you live in?  How many telephone poles are there from here to the next largest city?  Talk through how you would figure this problem out.  It is not about coming up with  the right number.  This type is usually used in technology or for science related interviews.

(Adapted from the Alaska Center Information System)