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An internship is a planned, real-world learning experience that can give you practical, on-the-job training in a field of interest to you. It ’s a bridge between the classroom and the world of work, allowing you to apply what you have learned in school to real-life work experiences.

What are the Benefits?

  • Extremely valuable, practical experience
  • Individualized instruction on-the-job
  • Ability to apply classroom theories in the real world
  • Personal contacts with people working your career field
  • Better preparation for post-graduation employment
  • Excellent resume builder

Who is Involved in an Internship?

Many internship opportunities only involve a student and employer and no academic credit is given.  However, students may coordinate academic credit for some internship positions by working closely with their employer and a faculty supervisor.  Generally, the student is responsible for completing assigned tasks and meeting pre-established objectives.  The faculty supervisor acts as a liaison and representative of the academic department in order to maintain the instructional goals of the internship experience.  The employer provides instruction, guidance, and general assistance for the duration of the internship.

How do I Choose an Internship?

Identifying and selecting an internship requires significant thought and self-assessment.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Evaluate your personal and academic interests and determine your career goals
  • Identify the skills you have to offer an employer
  • Decide the type of organization in which you would like to work
  • Determine your workplace values
  • Evaluate the necessity of monetary compensation
  • Select a geographical area in which to work

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, don't worry!  Career Services staff is available to assist you.  To make an appointment call 907-474-7596.

Evaluating and Concluding an Internship

  • Ask for feedback on your performance during the internship
  • Record your workplace activities in a journal to help evaluate both the internship experience and the company after the internship ends
  • Have your supervisor formally evaluate your work performance
  • Thank your supervisor and co-workers for the instruction and guidance
  • Add this valuable experience to your resume

Internship Success

A successful internship experience relies primarily on one person:  YOU.  Treat an internship like a full-time professional position.  Students who succeed take the initiative and ASK QUESTIONS.  You will not know how to do everything, nor will this be expected.  However, being observant, learning quickly, volunteering to help, and working hard are keys to an outstanding internship.  You may do such a great job that you are offered a full-time position after graduation!

  • Academic departments: Some academic departments maintain internship information. Start with your major department for resources.