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Resume ➜ Interview ➜ Job!

The function of a resume is to get you a job interview. It should provide your name, contact information and a synopsis of your skills, abilities, education and accomplishments. Despite its brevity, a good resume takes time to create. It requires a realistic self-assessment of your interests, abilities and goals, an investigation into the company or organization to which you are applying, and an understanding of the specific job you are applying for.  It’s usually best to tailor your resume to each position for which you are applying.

Hiring managers do not read resumes. They skim them. Therefore, your resume is really more a piece of advertising than a comprehensive data sheet. It is one of the primary marketing tools you can use to promote yourself to a prospective employer. So, be sure to target it to a specific job, and keep it concise and easy to read.

Listed below are different types of resumes.  Choose the type of resume you are interested in for a brief description and example.

Resume Formatting Videos: Learn by Watching

by Louise Kursmark
Master Resume Writer & Co-founder, Resume Writing Academy

Career Change Resume

Chronological Resume

Combination Resume

Curriculum Vitae

Educator Resume

Federal Resume

Functional Resume

Scannable Resume

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Federal Employment

Five Great Reasons to Answer the Call to Serve

  1. The Nation's Largest Employer is Hiring!
  2. There's a Job for Every Interest
  3. You Can Make a Difference
  4. The Federal Government Can Help Pay For School
  5. You can Advance Quickly

A new report, Where the Jobs Are: Mission Critical Opporunities for America, released by the Partnership for Public Service, outlines government-wide projected hiring needs through 2009 and is based on a survey of 34 federal agencies which represent nearly 99% of the federal workforce.  The survey finds nearly 193,000 mission critical jobs need to be filled by 2009.

Sources: Call to Serve and Making The Difference

Tips for Writing the Federal Government Resume

Download the complete resume, cover letter, and thank you letter section of  the Career Services guide (PDF size 4.56 MB)