College Board Advanced Placement Exams Currently accepted
Examination Name UAF Course Equivalent Credits
Art: History ART F261/F262 6
Art: all other exams ART electives* 6
Biology BIOL F115X/F116X 8
Chemistry CHEM F105X/F106X 8
Computer Science A CS F201 3
Economics--Macro ECON F202 or
ECON F100X substitute
Economics--Micro ECON F201 3
English Language ENGL F111X 3
English Literature ENGL F111X 3
Environmental Science GEOS F125X 4
European History HIST F101/F102 6
French Language & Culture FREN F101/F102 10
German Language & Culture GER F101/F102 10
Government & Politics:
PS F201 3
Government & Politics: U.S. PS F 101 3
Latin: Vergil LANG electives 8
Math: Calculus AB MATH F200X 4
Math: Calculus BC MATH F200X/F201X 8
Music Theory (score of 3) MUS F103 3
Music Theory (score of 4 or 5) MUS F131/F133 5
Physics B PHYS F103X/F104X 8
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS F211X 4
Physics C: Electricity &
PHYS F212X 4
Psychology PSY F101 3
Spanish Language SPAN F101/F102 10
Spanish Literature SPAN elective (200-level)
Statistics STAT F200X 3
U.S. History HIST F131/F132 6
World History HIST F100X 3

X = Course meets baccalaureate core requirement.

Students should consult Table 5 or Table 6 (the tables of substitutions) to determine what other courses may meet baccalaureate core requirements.

* Portfolios may be submitted to the art department for further evaluation.