Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center

The Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center contributes scientific and technical expertise through teaching, research and service in the areas of fisheries, seafood science and technology, and marine biology. Faculty at KSMSC teach undergraduates and graduate student classes in fisheries, seafood and marine biology, and provide informal education and training for industry, K-12 students and the public. They are the hub of applied seafood research for the state and also home to research related to marine mammal ecosystems, harmful algal blooms, and food science and marketing. Public service is provided through seafood and fishing industry consultations and partnerships with local organizations for economic development and increasing understanding of the local environment.

KSMSC faculty have expertise in the areas of fisheries, nutrition, food chemistry, food microbiology, marine mammal biology, seafood processing, seafood economics and seafood engineering. The Kodiak Center provides ready access to coastal and offshore marine systems in the Gulf of Alaskaas well as freshwater streams and lakes.

The center is located near the NOAA Kodiak Fisheries Research Center and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. For more information, call 907-486-1500 or visit www.sfos.uaf.edu/ksmsc/.