Strategic Plan and Related Documents

Director’s note

For the past 80 years, the Cooperative Extension Service in Alaska has worked with families, communities and small businesses, providing them with the practical information they need while bringing their concerns to the university. Delivering these services in the huge geographic area that is Alaska — with a limited travel budget and staff — presents challenges. We developed this strategic plan to guide our efforts addressing the issues that face Alaskans and their communities, while maximizing our limited resources.

Our strategic plan started with ideas from our Extension faculty and staff from all over the state and involved members of our Cooperative Extension Service State Advisory Council. We reached out to all Alaskans with an online survey and solicited information from our current constituents during Extension programs and activities. We also polled Alaskans who are not our traditional clientele to find out what critical issues they face. A leadership committee representing the entire organization used all of this information to develop our strategic plan.

We are proud of the hard work and dedication it took to produce this plan, which will be used to realign our programming. The goal is to transform our organization into UAF’s premier conduit for outreach education and engagement and to respond to the needs of Alaskans in a timely manner.

— Fred Schlutt, Director

Cooperative Extension is UAF's premier conduit for outreach education and engagement with Alaskans.

Cooperative Extension educates, engages and supports the people and communities of Alaska, connecting them with their university. We provide factual and practical information while bringing Alaskans' issues and challenges to the university.

• We value innovative approaches that address the needs of Alaskans in a timely manner, with a focus on our land-grant mission.
• We are respectful of one another and of our clientele and treat people with honesty and integrity.
• We connect with individuals, groups and communities in a creative and collaborative manner.
• We value customer satisfaction by delivering high quality factual and relevant information to improve the lives of Alaskans.
• We are professionals who strive for excellence.

Dittman Survey Results

A summary report of the results of the professional telephone survey of public opinion is available. This report gives insight into the reach of and perception of Extension in Alaska.

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