Implementing Waste Management Projects in Alaska

Michele Hébert

Land Resources Agent


To make wise decisions about how to manage waste, it is important to know what the possibilities are. One method successfully implemented across Alaska is composting. Accurate information and education is needed to expand efforts; that is what this booklet is about. In 1996, the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) established a Compost Work Group to draw together individuals and businesses that were involved and interested in large scale composting. This booklet was developed in 1998 as an outreach tool of the ASTF Compost Work Group and the Cooperative Extension Service (CES).

In Alaska, composting is a successful method for reducing waste and producing a marketable product. The beneficial uses of compost are well known; improve soil fertility, texture, and disease control, etc. There are some basic principles that must be followed to produce a good quality, finished product that has the properties desired (see compost definition that follows).

This booklet contains summaries on projects that may no longer exist, but that may provide relevant information to make your composting project successful.

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