The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) provides workshops throughout Alaska for initial pesticide applicator certification and re-certification of existing certified pesticide applicators.  Pesticide certification is provided through the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Pesticide branch. 

PSEP provides training materials and workshops and administers DEC pesticide applicator exams as a service to persons involved in the Cooperative Extension Service PSEP training.  Workshops take one to two days depending on the particular category of use a person seeks certification in.  Persons in remote locations may opt for a self paced home study of PSEP materials and arrange for a locally administered DEC pesticide certification exam.

The following are the DEC pesticide Applicator categories:

Category # 1 – Regulatory Pest Control
Category # 2 – Pesticide Consultation and Demonstration
Category # 3 – Agricultural Pest Control
Category # 4 – Turf and Ornamental Pest Control
Category # 5 – Anti-fouling Paint
Category # 6 – Aquatic Pest Control
Category # 7 – Structural Pest Control
Category # 8 – Public Health Pest Control

Category #9 -  Right-of-Way and Industrial Grounds Pest Control
Category #10 – Mosquito and Biting Fly Pest Control
Category #11 – Aerial Pest Control
Category #12 – Forest Pest Control
Category #13 – Restricted-Use Pesticide Dealer
Category #14 – Pesticide Research

Category #15 – Soil Fumigation
Category #16 – Non-Soil Fumigation Pest Control
Category #17A – Full Vertebrate Pest Control 
Category #17B – Limited Vertebrate Pest Control - Rodents
Category #17C – Limited Vertebrate Pest Control - Predators

Category #18 – Oilfield Biocides
Category #19 – Pesticide Technician

Pesticide Applicator Study Materials

AK DEC Pesticide Branch "Do you need to be a certified Pesticide Applicator?"

Continuing Education Credits Forms for Re-certification can be found here.       

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