Anchorage Extension Office Changes


The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service will maintain an office in Anchorage under a new plan.  The plan means the Anchorage office will move to a new location and become an outreach center rather than a district office. Outreach centers have no Extension agents but offer Extension publications and face-to-face and distance-delivered programs led by agents from other district offices. Classes will also be taught by program staff and by community experts.

The Anchorage office will move to the Chugachmiut Tribal Consortium Building at 1840 Bragaw St. The new office will have classroom space and use of the university’s videoconference network. It will house grant-funded faculty and staff with a specific focus, including, an invasive plants instructor, integrated pest management technician and a nutrition educator. Extension is planning to seek additional funding for a program assistant to coordinate Extension offerings in the area.

As was previously planned, the three Anchorage Extension agents have been transferred to vacant positions at the Fairbanks and Soldotna offices. The Extension economist will also move to a new office at the Matanuska Experiment Farm.

Other Extension reductions have included layoffs, the elimination of four open agents’ positions and a 15 percent reduction to its operating budget.


ADDITIONAL CONTACTS: Fred Schlutt, 907-474-7246, Debbie Carter, 907-474-5406,

Submit requests and photos regarding local insects, plants or diseases you discover!

The information submitted is sent to a statewide team who will promptly respond with information regarding the sample. As needed, pertinent information can be sent to local or state land resource managers who may quickly respond to potential problems.  To submit a photo for identification to the "Citizen Scientists" click here.

Schools on Trails Partnership

Kay Shoemaker Howell works with a variety of partners statewide to encourage youth, families and communities to get outdoors and explore the natural world. Kay is co-chair of the Get Outdoors Anchorage Coalition, which includes more than two dozen organizations that offer outdoor education and activities to youth and families.

The Schools on Trails Program operates under the umbrella of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s Live.Work.Play. campaign and the Anchorage Trails Initiative. Additional partners of Schools on Trails include representatives of the Anchorage Park Foundation, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, Anchorage School District, Alaska Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the National Park Service, the Copper Whale Inn and a growing list of community organizations and individuals.

Schools on Trails projects designed by students at other schools include a trail around a school that includes an amphitheater, a wildlife-viewing treehouse, PE activity space and a mushroom hike. Professionals, including graphic designers, park rangers and environmental scientists, meet with students to apply map and design elements to their ideas. The idea, Shoemaker said, is to get kids involved in their schools, civic engagement and in exploring their local trails and streams.

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UAF Cooperative Extension Service
Anchorage District Office
1675 C Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: 907-786-6300
Fax: 907-786-6312


Office Hours
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed for lunch noon-1 p.m.

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