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  • Visit our News Columns archive for articles our HHFD faculty have written on the topic of energy conservation including appliances, lighting, and water heaters.
  • Extension has a special web page on wood energy including a heat cost calculator.
  • We also offer articles from sources across the state on our page for energy conservation resources.
  • Podcasts of lectures on wind diesel, rural energy, cold climate building and more are on iTunes U.
  • Listen to our On the Air Recordings of the HomeWise and EnergyWise programs for tips on home building, wood stoves, retrofitting, and other important energy-related topics.
  • Newsletters: Alaska Building Science News (ABSN)


Extension offers publications in four main categories related to energy issues.

  • Energy Education and Management
  • Home Construction and Maintenance
  • Safety and Alaska Living


Art Nash, Energy Specialist
State Office, Fairbanks
Phone: 474-6366

Radon Hotline: 1-800-478-8324

Got energy questions?

You can utllize our Alaska "Ask an Expert" online form to reach our energy expert.
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