Energy and Housing Media

  • Visit our News Columns archive for articles our HHFD faculty have written on the topic of energy conservation including appliances, lighting, and water heaters.
  • Extension has a special web page on wood energy including a heat cost calculator.
  • We also offer articles from sources across the state on our page for energy conservation resources.
  • Podcasts of lectures on wind diesel, rural energy, cold climate building and more are on iTunes U.
  • Listen to our On the Air Recordings of the HomeWise and EnergyWise programs for tips on home building, wood stoves, retrofitting, and other important energy-related topics.
  • Newsletters: Alaska Building Science News (ABSN)


Art Nash, Energy Specialist
State Office, Fairbanks
Phone: 474-6366

Energy & Building Hotline: 1-800-478-8324

Got energy questions?

You can utllize our Alaska "Ask an Expert" online form to reach our energy expert.
Our national partner eXtension's "Ask an Expert" connects you with Extension agents across the country.
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