National FCE has joined several coalitions with missions and goals similar to ours. Links appear for two such coalition members below. A connection continues with the  Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW). It is a non-political, non-sectarian, international umbrella organization with millions of members in women's societies in over 70 countries that work to improve standards of living for all women and their families through worldwide projects. 

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Yearly every FCE member receives a National FCE Member Handbook which contains a wealth of information. A link to the national site appears below. Program and Award reports are available from State Presidents or online at the NAFCE website. Yearly membership forms are available from State or District Officers. Programs and projects do change, so check your current handbook. Every FCE member also receives NAFCE's newsletter fce Today with updates on the organization, its programs and projects.

As our mission states, we are committed to continuing education, developing leadership and community action. It is also important to note that recipients of monies from the James W. Matthews Extension Volunteer Leadership Development Fund can apply the award to travel, registration, etc. related to volunteer leadership development activities. Some opportunities for training and community involvement are highlighted below.

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