Here is a list of available national and international projects:

  • The Dollars for Leadership fund is to provide speakers and help defray expenses for state representatives attending the National FCE Mid-Year Leadership Seminar.
  • The India Project involves donations of funds to help provide literacy training, income producing crafting skills, health education and nutrition information for women's groups to help them become more self supporting. 
  • Old People's Roof involves donations to purchase roof tiles for an old people's home in India
  • The Romania Project is for the support of Romanian youth training in CHARACTER COUNTS! and principles of democracy. The National and State FCE support of women's groups in Lupeni and Romania is for income producing skills, health and nutrition education, and basic literacy skills.
  • Coins for Friendship supports Associated Country Women of the World projects in developing countries, UN links and networking, international Extension work and the management of core work of ACWW. Other ACWW projects include: Women Feed the World, Working with Women Worldwide, Water for All, Nutrition-- Save the Sight, Elsie Zimmern Fund, and Lady Aberdeen Scholarship.

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