Fairbanks State Office - Communications

CES Building, PO Box 756180, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6180, Phone 907-474-5211 FAX 907-474-2631

The Communications unit supports the faculty in delivery of information to the state's population. Specialists within the unit prepare the faculty-written publications for printing and distribution. Others prepare radio and video programs supporting the Extension mission of educational delivery. Extension offices rely on the Communications unit for training and technological support for both computer hardware and software. Communications is also responsible for creating and maintaining much of Cooperative Extension Service's Internet presence.

Debbie Carter        907-474-5406dscarter@alaska.eduEditor/Writer
Jeff Fay907-474-5349jeff.fay@alaska.eduMedia Specialist
Deirdre Helfferich907-474-6923dahelfferich@alaska.eduLayout/Editor
Mallory Morton-Grimes907-474-6363memortongrimes@alaska.eduWeb Specialist
Katrina Paul907-474-5116klpaul@alaska.eduOffice Coordinator
Juella Sparks907-474-7115juella.sparks@alaska.eduDirector of Outreach & Communications
Martha Springer907-474-7268mispringer@alaska.eduLayout/Editor
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