Fairbanks State Office - Director's Office

CES Building, PO BOX 756180, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6180, FAX 907-474-6971

Cooperative Extension Service's Director, Fred Schlutt, coordinates and leads the different programs operated by the Cooperative Extension Service. Within Alaska's nearly 600,000 square miles agents and specialists deliver university research-based information to Alaskans of all walks of life. The director's office is the liaison between the University of Alaska and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.   

Roxie Dinstel907-474-7201rrdinstel@alaska.edu1 Associate Director
Melody Hughes 907-474-5807mphughes@alaska.edu
Assistant to the Director
Alda Norris907-474-7120amnorris2@alaska.eduEvaluation Specialist
Michele Pogue907-474-7166  mjpogue@alaska.eduProject Coordinator
Fred Schlutt907-474-7246fred.schlutt@alaska.eduVice Provost/Director
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