The mission:

The mission of the Alaska Northern Forest Cooperative is to provide an organization for addressing forest management opportunities and challenges that are of mutual concern to the managers of Alaska's northern forests.

The Cooperative has a technical focus and is not a political or advocacy organization. However, it recognizes that non-technical or traditional knowledge has value in forest management and that learning occurs by collaboration among scientists, landowners, and forest managers.

2012 symposium information is now available!

The people:

The Alaska Northern Forest Cooperative is a group of researchers, forest managers, natural resource managers and forest users with interest in Alaska's boreal and mixed conifer/hardwood forests. These forests stretch from the Copper River Valley of south central Alaska north towards the Brooks Range, west along the Yukon River to its delta, down the upper and middle Kuskokwim River, across the Alaska Range and along the Susitna and Matanuska Rivers.

Membership in the cooperative is free and all aspects of ANFC are voluntary. You are welcome to participate in any ANFC events, read about individual research or education projects, and become part of this group. You may contact any of the members directly by requesting a member roster.

We hope to hear from you.


You may contact us through

Written correspondence should be sent to:

Cooperative Extension Service
c/o Bob Gorman
PO Box 757200

Fairbanks, AK 99775

Phone 907-474-5271

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