Economics & Marine Policy

  Arctic Ecosystem Integrated Survey
  Experts Workshops to Comparatively Evaluate Coastal Currents and Ice Movement in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea

Fisheries Privatization, Sociocultural Transitions, and Well-Being in Kodiak, Alaska

This project explores how the privatization of fishing rights is remaking fishery systems in the diverse fishing community of Kodiak, Alaska.


Graying of the Fleet in Alaska's Fisheries: Defining the Problem and Assessing Alternatives

This study explores issues of access to Alaska's fisheries for the next generation of Alaska fishermen.

  Impacts of humpback whale predation at salmon hatchery release sites on net foraging gain and hatchery economics.
  Interdisciplinary Assessment of the Skate Fishery in the Gulf of Alaska
  Resilience and adaptive capacity of arctic marine systems under a changing climate (RACArctic)


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