Fisheries, Physiology & Behavior

  Assessing the impacts of hydrokinetic turbines on fishes in Alaska 
   Behavior and migration of Atlantic halibut
   Causes and ecological consequences of hatchery chum salmon straying in Southeast Alaska
   Collective navigation during the spawning migrations of Pacific salmon
Development and calibration of bioelectrical impedance analysis as a measure of energetic status of arctic grayling
   Dispersal Patterns and Summer Ocean Distribution of Adult Dolly Varden Char in the Chukchi Sea, evaluated with pop-up satellite tags
   Early marine ecology and regional discrimination of chum salmon

 Ecological causes and consequences of straying: stress and competition on the spawning grounds between wild and hatchery-produced chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)

My project investigates how stress encountered during development may influence straying rates of hatchery reared chum salmon, and how stress affects spawning behaviors of hatchery and wild adults in a natural environment.

   Electrofishing Theory and Practice
   End-to-end fish model
   Lamprey diet and its impact on pollock and on incidental catch from groundfish fisheries
   Migration and behavior of Dolly Varden in the Beafort Sea, examined with pop-up satellite tags
   Pacific halibut migration and behavior
   Movements, site fidelity, and activity of northern pike in Minto Lake, Alaska.
   Multi-scale movement of demersal fishes in Alaska
   Oceanic Dispersal and Behavior of Chinook Salmon in the Bering Sea
   Spawning coho salmon habitat associations in Susitna River tributaries, Alaska
   Temperature, phenology, and embryo survival in Western Alaska sockeye salmon populations: the potential for adaptation to a warming world?
   Using pop-up satellite archival tags for understanding Pacific halibut movement in and around Glacier Bay National Park
  Vertical movement patterns and habitat use of burbot in Tanada and Copper Lakes, Alaska


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