Eligibility and awards

Nominations accepted through March 23, 2018

All staff members (excluding deans, directors, and executive staff and faculty) occupying any position at UAF are eligible to receive recognition.

The recipient will be publicly recognized for work-related service and will receive a plaque and gift as determined by the chancellor. A copy of the award is placed in the recipient's personnel file.



More information about the award

All departments are encouraged to recognize their employees in addition to this award, and are encouraged to nominate staff members from both inside and outside their departments. When you submit a nomination, your department will be put in a drawing to receive an ice cream social.

Nominations are encouraged and accepted from peers, supervisors, customers, stakeholders, students, faculty, other academic, administrative, support, sponsored research and service staff, who have a working relationship with the nominee.

The award committee consists of volunteer members of the UAF Staff Council, and, whenever possible, at least one (1) previous recipient of the award. Award recommendations are forwarded to the chancellor for final selection.

For more information contact Nicole Dufour, UAF Staff Council at 474-7056.

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