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UAA Nursing Programs are Offered through UAF Chukchi


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*The UAF Chukchi Nursing program is offered through a cooperative agreement with UAA and these requirements are based upon the degree requirements. Therefore, for degree requirements, it is important for students to follow the current UAA Catalog of Studies.


Pre-Nursing Qualifications

The Allied Health certificate in pre-nursing qualifications is designed to guide students preparing to apply to the University of Alaska Anchorage Associate of Applied Science in nursing. The certificate includes all of the prerequisite and co-requisite courses for the A.A.S. in nursing in addition to a clinical course. Admission to this certificate program requires a high school diploma or GED and test scores sufficient for placement into ENGL F111X and DEVM F105.

Admission to the UAA nursing program is competitive. While this certificate prepares the student to be highly qualified, it does not guarantee admission to the UAA nursing program. Before applying to the UAA A.A.S. program in nursing, students must complete the Nurse Entrance Test and are strongly encouraged to work in a clinical practice. Students should work closely with an advisor while completing this certificate and preparing an application for admission to the nursing program.

Students who have not completed high school chemistry will need to complete either CHEM F103X or CHEM F105X or have instructor permission for to register for BIOL F213X or BIOL F214X.

Registered Nurse

The A.A.S. degree in nursing is offered by the University of Alaska Anchorage at the Community and Technical College in cooperation with the Allied Health department. Graduates of the nursing program are prepared to provide effective nursing services to individuals receiving care in inpatient settings and in structured outpatient settings. The academic program provides students with a closely related mix of theory and clinical practice; students gain experience in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and community agencies. Graduates of this A.A.S. degree are eligible to take the NCLEX examination that grants professional licensure to practice nursing as a Registered Nurse. Additional information is available online at


Nursing Pre-Qualifications

Certificate Program

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the certificate requirements. As part of the certificate requirements, complete:
    ENGL F111X--Introduction to Academic Writing--3 credits
    DEVM F105--Intermediate Algebra (3)
    or HLTH F116--Mathematics in Health Care (3)
    or MATH at the 100 level or higher (3)--3 credits
    Human Relations
    PSY F101--Introduction to Psychology--3 credits
  3. Complete the following program requirements:*
    ENGL F211X--Academic Writing about Literature (3)
    or ENGL F213X (preferred)--Academic Writing
    About the Social and Natural Sciences (3)--3 credits
    COMM F131X--Fundamentals of Communication: Group Context (3)
    or COMM F141X--Fundamentals of Communication: Public Context (3)--3 credits
    PSY F240--Lifespan Developmental Psychology--3 credits
    HTLH F203--Science of Nutrition--3 credits
    BIOL F213X--Human Anatomy and Physiology--4 credits
    BIOL F214X--Human Anatomy and Physiology II--4 credits
    BIOL F240--Beginnings in Microbiology--4 credits
  4. Complete one of the following clinical courses (4-9 credits)
    HLTH F107--Nurse Aide Training--9 credits
    HLTH F111--Personal Care Attendant--4 credits
    HLTH F113--PCA to CNA Bridge--5 credits
    EMS F170--Emergency Medical Technician I--6 credits
    or other approved clinical course
  5. Minimum credits required--37-42 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

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