Step 6: Order Your Books

The University of Alaska System is divided into three Major Academic Units (UAF, UAA, and UAS). Each MAU maintains at least one bookstore. Therefore, you need to order your books depending on which MAU is sponsoring your class. To determine which MAU is sponsoring your class, look at your class schedule at the Class Number.  UAF Classes have an  F  before the class number (Eg. ENGL F 100x). UAA has an  A  before the class number (Eg. ENGL  A 100x). UAS will have an  S  before the class number (Eg. ENGL  S 100x).


If you are taking a UAF Class

  1. Check the UAF Main Campus Bookstore AND
  2. Check the UAF CRCD Bookstore

Different classes order their books from different bookstores, so you MUST check both to be sure you don't miss any books!

UAA Books

Order your books here:

UAS Books

Order your books here:

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