College of Natural Science & Mathematics

Student Travel Grants

Selection Criteria for CNSM Student Travel Grants

Awards: up to $750 maximum.


  1. A student in a degree program housed in CNSM.
  2. Must be currently enrolled in at least 3 graduate credits, or be a full-time undergraduate student.
  3. Be in good academic standing.
  4. Never received a CNSM Travel Grant during the course of a degree program.


Preference will be given to presentations on research or work that applies to the student's degree program.

To apply:

See "How to Apply" in the sidebar.

Selection Criteria for the Olaus Murie Caribou Fellowship Travel Grant

Awards may exceed $1,000 depending upon need or destination.

Recipients must be graduate students whose thesis projects have application for understanding the biology, ecology, or management of caribou.

The purpose of the Olaus Murie Caribou Fellowship travel grant is to encourage and assist graduate students to attend and participate in regional, national, and international conferences, symposia, and workshops where they will be expected to make presentations on aspects of their thesis research on caribou.

Olaus Murie Caribou Fellowship travel grants are open to all students studying caribou in some form and are not limited to students within CNSM.

Students applying for the Olaus Murie Caribou Fellowship travel grant may also be eligible for the CNSM Student Student travel grant listed above.

To apply see "How to Apply" in the sidebar.

Selection Criteria for the Jack R. Luick Memorial Travel Fund

The Jack R. Luick Memorial Travel Fund was established to provide travel awards to graduate students studying the nutritional and physiological ecology of ungulates.


  1. Enrolled as a graduate student at UAF.
  2. In good academic standing.
  3. Pursuing a course of study in nutritional or physiological ecology of unglulates.

The application should include:

  • A letter from the student to the fund's selection committee summarizing education, experience, research interests and career goals.
  • A letter of support from the student's major professor.
  • A conference agenda or synopsis.
  • Title and abstract, if available, of the paper to be presented.
  • An itemized travel budget.

Submit entire packet to:

UAF Department of Biology & Wildlife
PO Box 756100
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6100

For more information, call Jeff Baxter 907-474-6294

Applications are due June 30 for travel in the following academic year.

Objectives of the Student Travel Grant Program

To maintain and improve the quality of the educational experience by providing experience in professional settings for graduate and undergraduate students.

To promote excellence among our students by rewarding high-quality work recognized by peers.

To provide students who are pursuing a degree with an opportunity to network with other professionals at a professional meeting.

To raise the profile, increase awareness and promote appreciation of UAF's excellence in research and education by disseminating work internationally, nationally or regionally.

To serve as a mechanism to increase recruiting opportunities for high-caliber students by providing a presence in forums outside Alaska.


How to Apply

1) Abstract -  An abstract of the paper being presented or other rationale for the travel (one-page limit.)

2) One-page explanation - A brief explanation (one-page limit) of how the conference or event to which you will be traveling meets the objectives of the CNSM Travel Grant Program (see objectives above). This must be written by the applicant, then reviewed and signed by both the applicant and the appropriate department chair under which the applicant's major falls.

3) Itemized statement - Include an itemized statement of how the travel grant will be spent.

4) Student Travel Grant Form - Download and fill out the STUDENT TRAVEL GRANT FORM

Submit all four (4) documents to the dean's office (Reichart 358).