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Patty Ice Arena Manager

The Patty Ice Arena Manager will be responsible for managing the building and staff to ensure UAF's Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness offers the best rink experience to our wide variety of users. Customer relations and staff management will be a paramount part of this job. In addition to managing the rink operations, the ice arena manager will assist the director with selling advertising space in the Patty Ice Arena.

Unique to this hiring, the Patty Ice arena manager will be offered a contract from start date, through May 1, 2015. A new contract is scheduled to be offered with a start date of July 1, 2015. This new contract should be 12-months, full-time. This 2-month break is due to the rink being closed for renovations (mid-April through Aug 1).

We are seeking an applicant who can start this winter and is understanding to the 2-month off-contract time.  

Apply here: www.uakjobs.com/86186  

Graduate Assistantship (GA): Intramurals and Outdoor Adventures 

Want to get paid to do what you love and have graduate school paid for?  Apply for one of our graduate assistantships and you can achieve just that. 

Both assistanships are 20 hours a week and $15.73/hour. In return you help us program areas of recreation you are passionate about and want to be a part of.  Gain on the job experience, student development, and resources to help you make your mark on the Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness.  

For more details and where to apply, follow the links provided below: 

Outdoor Adventures GA  

Intramurals GA  

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