Team Builders

Team Building and Group Initiative Supplies Now Available

Do you have a group of staff members or students who would benefit from some group initiatives to help develop their cohesion as a working group? Perhaps you are bringing together a new group of students for a big project and would like to do some new and energizing ice-breaker activities?

The Northern Leadership Center, The Leadership Program and Outdoor Adventures have both personel resources as well as equipment available for your use.

Some things we have done in the past:

  • We have done facilatation with large comittees of staff who realized they could be more productive if they knew each other on a more personal level.
  • Each summer we are the first stop for a middle-school summer camp. We help the camp counselors break the ice with students and help the students let their guard down before they started their two week summer camp.
  • We do ice breakers before our trips so that the participants can get to know eachother before they head out into the wilderness together.  For our wilderness welcome participants we have a day of orientation and ice breakers.   It is a great way to make new friends before new student orientation. 

Just think of the possibilities...

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