How to Ride the Nanook Terrain Park:

Step 1: Obtain Nanook Terrain Park pass at the yurt.

Step 2: Sign release agreement and read park rules.

Step 3: Watch Smart Style park etiquette video at terrain park yurt. 

Step 4: Make sure you have a helmet. Available for rent at the park ($5/day).

Step 5: Ride! 

Winter '15/'16 Pricing and Hours of Operation

** Students with current SRC pass: To obtain your season pass, you must present your Polar Express Card at the Terrain Park yurt each day. 

Thursday11AM - 4PM
Friday 11AM - 4PM
Saturday11AM - 4PM
Sunday11AM - 4PM

Nanook Terrain Park Rules and Code of Conduct

1.       All users will wear a well-fitting and sport appropriate helmet. Helmets are available for rent and purchase. Zero Tolerance Policy.

2.       The only authorized entrance to the park is through the front gate, after checking in with park staff at the yurt. Zero Tolerance Policy.

3.       Inverted aerials are not allowed and will result in revocation of park privileges for one week. Zero Tolerance Policy.

4.       Unauthorized modification of terrain park features is strictly prohibited, and will result in revocation of privileges for one semester, and then reinstatement upon review by park staff. Zero Tolerance Policy.

5.       All users will sign a release agreement and watch the Smart Style video at the start of the season. Zero Tolerance Policy.

6.       Users under the age of 18 need their parents to sign the release agreements and watch the Smart Style video. Zero Tolerance Policy.

7.       Users under the age of 13 need a parent or guardian (over 21) present on the hill. Zero Tolerance Policy.

8.       Users must follow marked uphill trail to access the top of the park.

9.       Users are not allowed to hop the fence to get a ride up the hill in a car. Zero Tolerance Policy.

10.    Use the provided outhouse, not the snow.

11.    Users will park behind the museum or near Butrovich. Users will not park at the greenhouse, or drive down the driveway. Drop off is best done in the Butrovich parking lot. Users should cross from the museum to the Terrain Park by using the West crosswalk, closer to Arctic Health.

12.    Users will obey signage and Park Crew instructions.

13.    No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco allowed. Zero Tolerance Policy.

14.    Recreational snow machines are not allowed on campus. Zero Tolerance Policy.

Nanook Terrain Park staff reserve the right to refuse access to anyone at any time, for any length of time, for any reason with no promise of refund. Any user caught trespassing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as well as revocation of park privileges for one year .

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