Change starts by taking the first step!

Personal Training @ the SRC

We are here to inspire, motivate, and help you reach your fitness goals!  All sessions will begin with an initial consultation aimed at defining your goals, matching you with a trainer, and getting you excited about leading an active and healthy life!

Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour, whatever you have time in your schedule for is what we’re here to give you.  

Meet the Trainers

Janelle Pascoe

I am enthusiastic about sharing my passion for fitness through knowledge and correct exercise techniques with people of all fitness levels. I encourage clients with a positive attitude to promote healthy life styles and motivate clients to safely and effectively achieve their fitness goals and results they are striving for. My personal experience growing up as an athlete and seeing benefits of physical activity and exercise has inspired me to guide others. I strongly believe living a healthy lifestyle leads to benefits in all aspects of life. I have played competitive hockey for a number of years. I also enjoy playing soccer, boating, fishing, and working out. A few of my other hobbies include; bodybuilding, nutrition, yoga, hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Joshua Campbell

I am 24 years old and was born in Coco beach Florida. I have lived in Alaska for the last 18 years and love it here. I love being outside and staying active. Fitness has always been part of my life, whether it was sports growing up (soccer, cross country running, baseball, basketball, hockey) or keeping up with my twin brother snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding. I really enjoy working out with people at all levels of fitness, helping and watching someone achieve their own personal goals, to me is the greatest feeling in the world.

Charlotte Stark

This is my first year at UAF!  I'm seeking a degree in psychology. I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Traveling is a passion of mine. Last spring she spent a month relaxing on and exploring the beaches of the Eleuthera, Bahamas. I love to swim, bike, hike, play soccer, and ski. My workouts contain a lot of variety. I like to challenge myself by doing something different everyday in order to work all her muscles and not just one muscle group. I love being active and having fun while doing it.

Gavin Meggert

A little about myself, I’ve always been an athlete dedicating my training to strength and explosion. I’ve also done a decent amount of stamina and physique work. I played junior college baseball, coached for the UAF volleyball team, and am currently the Alaska sand volleyball coed state champion along with my partner Jessica Hill. I’m a senior here at UAF majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. Hope to see you all in the gym! 

 Teresa Larry

Born and raised in Fairbanks, I have always been active within my community. I participated in many local sports and volunteer programs including 4-H, tennis, hockey, and soccer. My passion for assisting others to be physically and mentally fit was influenced by my late grandfather as he instilled confidence in me. Today I am diligently working towards a degree in Dietetics. My philosophy is to make exercise fun and challenging by devoting my time to clients needs and wants. Hard work leads to a great reward! 

Frank Jordano

I try to inspire all my clients to achieve excellence. As a client, you will not only get access to advanced workout routines, inside fitness tips and training advice, but will also be challenged past your limits and motivated to reach your fitness goals.    A complete transformation is possible, but it requires time, consistency, optimal routine and intensity.    My goal is for every client to achieve a drastic transformation.    I am a 24 year old Senior Engineering and Business student, bodybuilder, swimmer, snowboarder and high intensity interval trainer.    My training strengths are Body sculpting, toning, and weight-loss.    So if you want that toned slim look or a ripped lean body, come by the SRC!!!

What to expect:

Initial Consultation:  Step 1 is to make the appointment!  Call the SRC today and make an appointment to sit down with the Wellness Coordinator and develop YOUR individualized workout plan. 


Session Structure: After your consultation you'll meet with your trainer and get to work! Sessions range from 30-60 minutes. Everything is based on your convenience, time, duration, number of workouts per week!

Buddy Training:  Not a fan of working out alone, bring a friend with similar fitness goals and we'll train you together!!!  Extra motivation plus cheaper for both of you :)

Price Structure:

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