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The Master of Arts in English is a two-year program which requires students to engage in coursework, take a comprehensive exam, and compose a thesis or a project paper. At UAF, the English Department is composed of a dedicated community of distinguished faculty who have expertise in literary studies as well as many other disciplines including: ecocriticism, cultural studies, linguistics, composition studies, film, gender studies, print culture, and ESL/TOEFL. Thus, the M.A. program gives graduate students the opportunity to work closely with knowledgeable and collegial professors, who can help them design a course of study to suit their academic interests and their professional goals.

MA students frequently work as Teaching Assistants, for which they are prepared both by  study in teaching methods theory and by continuing mentorship.   Both the training and the practice are invaluable for students who plan to teach English, either at the secondary or university level.   In addition, though, the program’s emphasis on good writing, careful research, and incisive thinking stands graduates in good stead either for further study in English or for various careers in business, technical writing, editing/publishing, the military, law, and more. 

Studying literature at UAF offers students a number of special opportunities. Fairbanks is located just minutes away from some of the country’s most rugged and beautiful wilderness areas. Students who are so inclined can both study the sublime and experience it firsthand.  Many students find that the time spent in this beautiful place forges friendships, intellectual interests, and recreational avocations that last long beyond the thesis defense.   In addition, UAF has Alaska’s largest library, which contains a special collection of texts and images addressing life in the circumpolar north. The campus also boasts one of the state’s best natural history and art museums, the Museum of the North. Making use of these resources and others, our M.A. students routinely travel to Anchorage to present their scholarly work at the annual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric.

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