Life in Alaska

If you’ve imagined yourself tucked away in a quiet cabin among the birch trees working on your latest poem or short story, you have found the program for you.  At the University of Alaska Fairbanks, you’ll have a program that will help you develop as a writer, in a place that can’t help but inspire you.

Fairbanks is beautiful at any time of the year-in the fall the hills around town become a bright yellow as the birch leaves turn, and in winter the snow reflects the subtle colors of a sky that slowly shifts from purple to blue to pink.  You might regret the disappearance of that snow-Fairbanks has magnificent cross-country skiing trails-but the summer can be wonderfully hot, and the days so long you’ll forget that nights even exist.  You might take a trip-Denali National Park is only a couple of hours away, and just northeast of town is Chena Hot Spring Resort with its pools and restaurant.  All around town are places to hike, to canoe, to pick berries, or just to sit and admire the view.

Since Fairbanks is the cultural center of interior Alaska, you won’t be lacking for restaurants to try, art galleries to visit, or for literary readings, theater performances, and concerts to inspire you.  The city also offers a surprisingly large range of places to shop, from a farmers’ market (in the summer), to locally owned stores and national chains.  Whether you want gourmet tea or Korean kimchee, you’ll find it in Fairbanks.

Accommodation here can be as rustic or as comfortable as you choose.  Some students live in what are known locally as “dry” cabins:  cabins without running water, often tucked away in the beautiful wooded hills around town.  Others rent apartments or houses that offer all the conveniences of modern life (running water included!).

Life in Fairbanks is full of surprises-a moose eating the leaves outside your window, a sled dog team crossing the road, the crisp delight of a morning at fifty below.  Perhaps the biggest surprise-and the best-is the warmth of the Fairbanks community.  You’ll be surrounded by people ready to share a good meal, and always willing to tell a good story.

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