Research Links

Goldmine: Catalog Of The University Of Alaska Library System


OCLC: On-Line Catalog of the Library  of Congress

SLED: Statewide Library Electronic Doorway

UAF Library Home Page


E-Text Libraries and other Resources: Search or Download 

Studies in Puritan American Spirituality: pre-20th c. works from Plato to Franklin, various Bibles, library of congress

UPENN's Lit Resources: Links to English and American literature. 

Univ. of Virginia's E-Text Library: Other languages include French, German, Japanese, and Latin. 

American Authors: A large and well organized site. Numerous links. 

British and Irish Authors: E-texts from .c 600-Present. Numerous links 

Linguistic Links 

Versification: E-journal and bibliography. 


General Use Sites and Other Resources

CALL FOR PAPERS: A large and library of CFPs from UPenn: includes journals, conferences, and special events

POWELL'S BOOKS: An on-line catalogue of one million used books. Find economical and out of print scholarly editions. 

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