Undergraduate Programs

Rather than birds, do you like to put words on things? Do you think words can change the world?

Go ahead, put a word on yourself. English. 


Words for the English Major: 

Rhetorical Dexterity.

Critical Acumen.

Creative Ingenuity.

As English majors, that’s what we do. We put words on things.

As an English major, you’ll meet intellectually eager and curious people who enjoy reading, thinking, and writing through different lenses. Each semester you’ll have opportunities to work one-on-one with published faculty on scholarly and creative projects. Every day you’ll cultivate your intellectual voice in writing and discussion. From moment to moment you’ll be getting smarter.

Immerse yourself in a student-driven curriculum, engage with energetic faculty, impact a vibrant department. Be in the know about the Midnight Sun Visiting Writers, attend craft talks and humanities colloquia, join the EMUs, and participate in the annual Celebration of Writing. Does reading this make it so? Come and find out!

Undergraduate degrees offered:

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