Spring 2017
March 21

How to cope with burnout.

Burnout can affect us in our jobs,family life, volunteer positions, and caregiving duties. Learn how health professionals define, identify, and intervene in burnout. Restore joy in your life activities through strategies to eliminate burnout. Our speaker is Dr. Jean Tsigonis.

Jean Wilbur Tsigonis, M.D., was born and raised in Fairbanks. She has been employed at the Tanana Valley Clinic since 1981. She has been chair of the Family Medicine Department at FMH, chair of the Alaska State Medical Board, President of the Alaska Academy of Family Practice, and most recently obtained her MPH through UAA. Her project was on physician burnout.

4:00 - 5:30 pm IARC/Akasofu 501

March 25



Responsible Conduct in Research training.

This training covers core norms, principles, regulations, and rules governing the practice of research. It is open to all UAF students, graduate students, staff and faculty. It is free.

Modules covered include: 1. Stakeholders and society;  2. Research negligence and Misconduct; 3. Treatment of Data, Scientific Record Keeping; 4.Authorship, Credit and Intellectual Property; 5. Sharing of Research Results; 6. Mentoring; 7. Human and Animal Subjects; 8. Conflicting Interests and Values; 9. Lab, Environment and Material Safety; and 10. Violations of Professional Standards.

Requirements: pre-registration by March 17!!!! Registration is available at https://uafblast.wufoo.com/forms/registration-for-rcr-training.

For further information call Aaron Kallas at 903.3360 or ajkallas@alaska.edu

Where: Akasofu/IARC 501

March 27-31 Visit of Dr. Divine Tarla, postdoc in Agronomy, Kansas State University and Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Dr. Tarla will be giving several lectures on his country, Cameroon in West Africa, to Political Science students, Dept of Natural Resources, and the Office of Faculty Development.
March 28

Our Fulbright Experiences

Dr. Divine Tarla will give a talk about his year at Kansas State, what he had to do to get this award, and how it has been going. He has had a few side trips similar to the one he will have coming to Fairbanks.  I will talk about my recent Fulbright Specialist trip to Taiwan.

1:00 - 2:00 pm        Lunch provided.

Wood Center rooms C/D

April 4

Meet the new Dean of Students!!

We have a new dean, Laura McCollough, and she would like to meet you!

This should be must-attend for all new faculty, and for all teaching faculty.

Laura will speak on these topics:

1. How to deal with difficult Students
2. Dean of Students and Student Conduct -What we do and how we can help you
3. Behavioral Intervention Team: What is it and why it's important 

1:00-2:00 pm  Venue tba hopefully in the Reichardt Building

April 11  
April 21

Introduction to Scholarly Writing

Dr. Bob Lucas, director of the Center for Scholarly productivity in San Louis Obispo, CA will give a 3-hour workshop.

This session is designed to help faculty deal with impediments to their scholarly writing. Special emphasis is placed on research demonstrating practices that work in an academic setting. The following topics will be covered: confronting the myths about writing; overcoming the major obstacles to writing; developing habits that promote writing; and varying patterns to sustain momentum.

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Seating is limited to first 25. Please RSVP to me at jfmorrison@alaska.edu

April 22


Grant Writing

Dr. Bob Lucas will hold a full-day workshop on grant writing. This workshop introduces faculty to the world of research grants. It gives beginners a framework for understanding this complex world and highlights activities critical to success.

Topics to be covered include how to develop a steep learning curve; how the major sponsor types differ; how to create a list of likely sponsors; how to tailor the initial approach to your sponsor; how to write a compelling and convincing proposal; and how to deal positively with reviewer's comments.

9:00 - 4:00 pm with lunch provided.

Seating is limited to first 25 faculty. Please RSVP to me at jfmorrison@alaska.edu


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