Travel Funds

Travel Fund Policy

The UAF Faculty Senate, upon recommendation of the Faculty Development, Improvement & Assessment Committee, approved the following Faculty Development Travel Fund Policy.

The travel policy will set clear due dates for when travel requests can be submitted, information that should be included in the request, and general guidelines by which requests will be reviewed by a Faculty Travel Committee.

Every effort will be made to provide ASSISTANCE for faculty who wish to attend professional meetings, conferences, and/or workshops, that address teaching and/or current institutional issues (e.g. assessment, advising) that specifically focus on individual growth and professional development. The term travel has been extended to include attendance and participation in an online conference. Priority will be given to faculty attending a conference or workshop where improved teaching techniques, or pedagogy, is offered. Travel funds are available ONLY for United Academics members this year.

Please note that you must use the funds you are awarded for travel to the conference that you apply for in your proposal. Funds cannot be switched to different travel.

The faculty travel committee (the Director of the Office of Faculty Development, two members of the Faculty Senate faculty development committee, and two members of United Academics) will examine proposals and make funding recommendations.

The DEADLINE for requests for funds for travel from September 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015 will be 1:00 pm, Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

NB!! Proposals must be sent to

Award of Faculty Development travel requests is contingent upon availability of funding. Grants are normally a maximum of $750. Much of the travel funding originates from United Academics buyout funds agreed to through the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Office of Faculty Development appreciates this gesture from UNAC to assist its members in professional development. UAFT does not provide faculty development funds so UAFT members are not eligible to apply.

To apply for a travel award, provide the following on a ONE-PAGE Word document as an attachment:

  • the direct connection between the conference or training selected and your developmental objectives and the impact on your unit, and UAF.
  • The name/title/date and place of the conference or training.
  • An itemized, tentative budget including airfare, hotel, transportation, registration, per diem, etc. with a total please.
  • Your academic status. i.e. new faculty, second year faculty, tenured or untenured, Assistant/ Assoc/Full professor, etc. and your email address.
  • Please indicate that you are a member of United Academics.