A loan for college costs is money that must be repaid. Loans represent a major source of assistance you should consider as you try to meet the full costs of your education. Educational loans generally have long-term repayment schedules, offer low interest rates, often have provisions for deferring payments and may offer additional benefits related to financial need.

Before you borrow money for college, you should understand the specific conditions and requirements regarding disbursements, deferments and repayment options. If you fail to meet the conditions of the promissory note, you may be denied all federal aid, lose your good credit rating and be unable to borrow money to buy a car or home. Loan terms are subject to change at any time.


How to apply for loans

Step 1

Complete steps 1-3 of how to apply for financial aid.


Step 2

You may qualify for state or federal loans.

  • Step 2A: Go to UAOnline and accept full or partial amount of state and/or federal loans offered to you (refer to the award notice e-mailed to you by the Financial Aid Office).

UAOnline tutorial video: How to accept financial aid


  • Step 2B: Select a lender (if applying for a loan)
    • Compare student loans, including student loan consolidation, college loans and refinancing online at SimpleTuition.

Step 3

Complete steps 4-7 of how to apply for financial aid.



Federal loans


Federal Stafford Loans

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

Alaska state loans

The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) offers both federal and state loan programs through AlaskAdvantage. Through its federal component, AlaskAdvantage offers Stafford (subsidized and unsubsidized) and PLUS Loans. State loans offered through AlaskAdvantage include the Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL), the Family Education Loan, the Teacher Scholarship Loan and the Winn Brindle Scholarship Loan.


  • These loans are available to all students attending UAF. See loan details for additional requirements.

Award amount:

  • Varies

How to apply:

  • Applicants must apply each year and applications are available for all AlaskAdvantage loan programs via the ACPE website or through their offices. UAF receives ACPE loan disbursements via electronic fund transfer (EFT). Loans are processed within 7-10 days from time of receipt at ACPE offices in Juneau and can be disbursed to a student's UAF account within two days of approval. Further information can be obtained from:

    Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

    3030 Vintage Boulevard
    Juneau, Alaska 99801

Alaska Family Education Loan

Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL)

Alternative Loans

Teacher Scholarship Loan and Winn Brindle Scholarship Loan

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