Snow Removal, Maintenance or Special Events


From time to time during the year it is necessary to restrict or prohibit parking in various lots in order to remove snow, clean or maintain the parking lot, or for construction or special events on campus. Vehicles parked in these areas in violation of the posted restriction are subject to citation and relocation.


  1. Facilities Services: Academic and public lots, those other than lots designated for the residence halls, are posted 24 hours in advance of the operations or special event. Residence Hall lots are normally posted 48 hours in advance, but when there is heavy snowfall or other extreme situations the notification period may be reduced Additionally, Facilities Services posts notices at on the web. From this site you may view the list of scheduled snow removal activities or subscribe to their Snow Removal Schedule list serve to receive e-mail notices of upcoming snow removal operations.
  2. Residence Life: The Director of Residence Life is responsible for notifying resident students via postings, residence cable information channels, staff announcements, and other means deemed necessary and appropriate.

Operations Support

  1. The Facilities Services Operations Superintendent will notify Parking Services of the scheduled time for parking lot snow removal or maintenance operations as soon as possible in advance of the scheduled operations.
  2. To insure operations crews are not delayed, enforcement staff will check the designated parking lots to see if all vehicles have been removed, normally 30 minutes to an hour before the posted time. If vehicles are present they will be relocated to the Nenana or Taku lot.
  3. Vehicle drivers/owners who contact UAFPD in search of their "missing" vehicle will be directed to the Nenana or Taku lot and advised to contact Parking Services if they have any questions. Of course, if there is evidence that the vehicle has been stolen UAFPD will process the report according to standard police procedures.

Thanksgiving - Christmas - Spring Break Parking

These breaks are a good opportunity for Facilities Services to clear snow and ice from campus parking lots. The lots will be posted as set out herein, but we realize many students are off-campus at these times. Campus motorists are at risk of having their vehicle relocated at the owner/driver's expense. In addition to making arrangements with other students or co-workers to move the vehicle in the event of snow removal, campus motorists have the option of parking their vehicles in a temporary storage lot. A current decal is required. Contact UAF Parking Services for more information.

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