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Failure to pay your tuition, fees, dining and housing charges in full or make other payment arrangements by the final fee payment deadline may result in cancellation of your class schedule. UAF may withhold transcripts, grades and other services, and cancel meal plans and housing if you do not pay your financial obligations. If the university takes such action, you will still be responsible for your balance in full. Registration may be withheld from any student who is delinquent in paying any amount due to the university. The registration process is not complete until the student has paid all fees and charges due to the university. The university may drop you from your courses after the fee payment deadline if you owe a balance to the university. A $100 reinstatement fee will be charged to re-enroll in any dropped courses.


All tuition and fees must be paid by the fee payment deadline published in the current semester class schedule. This includes room rent, meal plan costs, student activity fees, health fees and deposits. Any charges unpaid at the end of the previous semester are also due and must be paid before you can re-enroll. If you owe money to the university and submit an enrollment form and payment for the current semester, you will not be enrolled into your classes; the payment will be applied toward your outstanding balance. If the current semester payment is by check from a source other than the student, the payment will be returned to the source.

Please refer to the Registration Guide for semester deadlines.

Spring 2016 Due Dates

WINTERmester tuition and feesDue January 4th, 2016

Semester tuition and fees

Due January 22th, 2016
Late feesBegin January 23rd,2016
Late add/late registrationDue within 5 business days of adding the class
Waitlisted courses added after fee payment deadlineDue within 5 business days of getting into class
Late start classes added after fee payment deadlineDue by the first day of class
One day/shortenedDue by first day of class
Early StartDue by first day of class
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