Tuition Waivers

UAF tuition waivers can now be signed electronically!

The Office of the Bursar is pleased to announce a new tool in the ongoing efforts to improve our processes. Tuition waivers for employees, faculty, staff, adjuncts, and spouse/dependents can now be submitted completely electronically via DocuSign. You will not need to print, scan, or fax the form in order to sign and submit. You also do not need to create any accounts to use this feature. If you prefer to use the printable pdf forms, you may download those at the bottom of the page.

The Bursar's Office will process your waiver upon receipt. Please check your UAOnline account to see the status and pay any fees.

Electronic form for Employees taking classes during working hours

Electronic form for Employees and Adjuncts

Electronic form for Spouses, FIPs, and Dependents

Electronic form for Senior Citizens

Employee, Dependent and Adjunct

Employee tuition waivers pay for 16 credits per academic year (up to 8 credits per semester) for university employees. Tuition waivers are accepted for the current semester and cannot be applied to prior terms. Other criteria:

  • Tuition waivers cover tuition only.
  • The employee must have been employed at least six months prior to the first day of instruction to be eligible.
  • The employee is responsible for paying all other fees by the payment deadline.
  • Tuition waivers must have one of the following signatures to be valid:
    • Employee tuition waivers require the employees signature, and supervisor signature is also required if course falls during employee’s working hours;
    • Dependent tuition waivers only require the sponsoring employee’s signature;
    • Adjunct tuition waivers only require the signature of the employee;
  • Reimbursements will not be made to employees/dependents who pay for a course or courses while ineligible, but later become eligible.
  • Dependents must be under the age of 24 on the first day of instruction to be eligible.
  • Waivers found to be ineligible will be reversed and the students will be responsible for payment of waived tuition.
  • Late fees and payment deadlines apply to those using tuition waivers.
  • A list of UA-Approved non-credit courses is available online through the HR website

Senior Citizens

UA Board of Regents policy waives regular tuition for Alaska residents at the age of eligibility for FULL Social Security retirement benefits. You are eligible to utilize the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and enroll in UAF courses if:

  • you are a permanent resident of Alaska;
  • you are age-eligible to receive full Social Security retirement benefits; and
  • there is space (i.e., no wait list) in the class or classes you want.

You must not register until the first day of instruction to use a senior tuition waiver. You must meet both age and residency requirements by one of the following dates to be eligible for the corresponding semester: September 1 for fall; January 1 for spring; May 1 for summer. Reimbursements will not be made to senior citizens who pay for a course and then request a waiver. Please call 474-7384 for more information.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers cover tuition only. Courses have associated fees that are not covered by the waiver. Late fees and payment deadlines apply to those using tuition waivers.

Please submit waivers well in advance of the last day of registration to the Office of the Bursar at P.O. Box 757640 (UAF) or 907-474-5898.

Tuition Waiver Forms

Waiver Download

Tuition Waiver Appeal (GPA and Six Month Probation) 

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