Accounts Payable Staff

Kathy Jeffords
Telephone: 474-6476
Supervisor - Direct Pays; Freight;
Accounting Changes on POs;
Vendors B and C;
Apple Computer; Stop Payments; Vendor
Information Entry; Returned
Checks; & Incoming Checks

Brittany Hoch
Telephone: 474-6119
Fiscal Technician - Utilities;
Vendors N - P; Wire Transfers; & Fellowships

Jessica Johnson
Telephone: 474-6115
Fiscal Technician - Vendors A and Q - Z

Gail Olsen
Telephone: 474-6473
Fiscal Technician - Vendors D - M;
Cash Pays; & Construction and Lease Accounts


Accounts Payable
205 Administrative Services Building
3295 College Road
Fairbanks, Alaska

PO Box 757920
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7920

Accounts Payable Email

Accounts Payable Fax Number:
(907) 474-7046

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