Accounts Payable Staff

Kathy Jeffords
Telephone: 474-6476
Supervisor - Direct Pays; Freight;
Accounting Changes on POs;
Vendors B and C; Nana Catering &
Apple Computer

Brittany Hoch
Telephone: 474-6119
Fiscal Technician - Utilities;
Vendors N - P; Nana Hotels

Jessica Johnson
Telephone: 474-6115
Fiscal Technician - Vendors A and Q - Z

Gail Olsen
Telephone: 474-6473
Fiscal Technician - Vendors D - M;
Cash Pays

Diane L. Leavy
Telephone: 474-2634
Fiscal Technician - Scheduled Payments,
Construction and Lease Accounts,
Wire Transfers, Stop Payments, Vendor
Information Entry, Fellowships, Returned
Checks, Incoming Checks

Accounts Payable
205 Administrative Services Building
3295 College Road
Fairbanks, Alaska

PO Box 757920
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7920

Accounts Payable Email

Accounts Payable Fax Number:
(907) 474-7046

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