Position Management

As labor is the biggest cost associated with running a unit, it is essential to have an awareness of the positions within that unit including whether they are vacant or filled and how many are available for use. This area of the OFA website offers tools necessary to stay on top of the constantly changing atmosphere associated with position management. Here you can find information on:

Please REQUEST A PCN if your unit needs a new position number. Be sure to consult the Active PCN List as there may already be an available position number for use.

UA Campus-Wide Student Position Numbers

The PCNs below are used across UAF for recruitment purposes. Note that units should not budget these PCNs as budget should be placed on unit-specific PCNs (found on the Active PCN List).

Student Positions (SN/ST)

  • Student A (924703)
  • Student B (924705)
  • Student C (924707)
  • Federal WS (920495)

Graduate Assistants (GN/GT)

  • Grad Assistant Teach Taxable (924708)
  • Grad Assistant Teach Non-Taxable (924709)
  • Grad Assistant Research Taxable (924710)
  • Grad Assistant Research Non-Taxable (924711)
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