Vacancy Wait and Pullback

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90-Day Hiring Wait

“This provision applies a 90-day wait on rehiring regular or term staff and executive positions funded with unrestricted, recharge, and auxiliary funds that are vacated on or after May 15, 2013. Faculty positions are exempted from this provision. Staff and executives being replaced or hired on restricted funds are also exempted and every effort should be made to expedite hires funded by grants and contracts.”

What does "90-day wait" mean?

Can we begin the recruitment sooner than 90 days as long as the person does not start until after 90 days?

Vacancy Pullback

“The personnel savings that result from the first 60 days of staff vacancies will be collected centrally to meet the debt and utilities shortfall. If a vacancy is refilled through an internal hire, only 45 days of salary savings will be collected centrally from the initial position and 45 days from the position vacated by the internal hire ($2.0M). Salary savings on the remaining 30 days will be collected for use at vice chancellor/provost level ($1.0M). Appeals to replace a position pror to the 90-day vacancy requirement can be made in writing to Chancellor’s Cabinet through the respective vice chancellor.”

How many days is central pulling back?

On what is the pullback amount based?

Are leave benefits pulled back as well?

What if we hired an internal (UA) candidate?

Will we save another 15 days of funding if we lost our employee to an internal recruitment and we hired an internal candidate?

How many hours is “15 days” considered to be?

Our employee left in FY13. Will the pullback be for the full 90 days or only that portion occurring in FY14?

What if we did not plan to refill the position and did not budget it in FY14?

Why do we have to pay the pullback at the amount of the person who left or if we don’t plan to fill the position!?

What if our “vacancy” was due to a layoff?

Our position was vacated due to retirement; are we still subject to pullback?

Pullback Process Details

How will the Pullback Budget Revisions be handled?

How long do we have to backfill the negative 1001 budget?

How often will the position pullback happen?

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