Training & References


We offer four different levels of training for those interested in learning new Toad skills:

Toad I - Tips & Tricks
Building a simple query
Blackboard Recording:
March 6, 2014

Toad II - Data Manipulation
Calculated fields

Toad III - Advanced Outputs
Blackboard Recording:
March 20, 2014

Toad IV - The Think Tank
Problem solving as a group

Please check the calendar here on our website for dates and locations!



The documents below are meant to provide Toad users with easy-to-follow references in order to assist with the completion of various functions within the environment.

Toad Setup - Instructions meant for new computer installations or for use in the Computer Labs

Calculated Fields - How to insert a custom field in to your query

DECODE Statement - Syntax and examples of the SQL "If...then" statement

CASE Statement - Syntax and examples of a more flexible version of the DECODE statement.

Locating Banner Tables in Toad - A SW document walking users through the process of finding table and field names in Toad.

Reverse Engineer an SQL Query - Turn your SQL code in to a visual diagram to make editing an easier process.

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