Fund Activity Reports

Reports are updated each cycle (month) and provide fund balances for:

UAF Matching, Recharge, Enterprise, Leasing, Auxiliary, and Agency Funds

Prior Year Fund Activity Reports

UAF Match Report

Fund 14’s must have a zero balance at the end of the fiscal year unless there is an encumbrance that will roll to the next fiscal year.   If there will be a positive balance at year end, it must be removed and placed into a fund 1.

If there is activity in a fund 14 and there is no budget, a budget revision must be submitted to fund these expenses. OFA will be monitoring these and may be calling departments that do not fund them in a timely manner.

If spending is complete for your match please submit your budget revision now.

If you have any questions about the fund 14 balances please contact Patty Duvlea at 474-6409 or

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