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Current FY17 Reports

To be added to the list of authorized Google Docs users for these reports, simply click any of the files below and follow the prompts. An email will automatically be sent to Kathy Bennett notifying her of your request. In the event she is out of the office, feel free to contact Lynn Wrightsman, or Jason Theis as they can also grant access.

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PPEndedReport DateEntityPP Remaining
2210-15-1610-24-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 69.23% (18 pp)
AY: 76.92% (15 pp)
2110-01-1610-10-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 73.08% (19 pp)
AY: 82.05% (16 pp)
2009-17-1609-26-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 76.92% (20 pp)
AY: 87.18% (17 pp)
1909-03-1609-13-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 80.77% (21 pp)
AY: 92.31% (18 pp)
1808-20-1608-29-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 84.62% (22 pp)
AY: 97.44% (19 pp)
1708-06-1608-15-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 88.46% (23 pp)
AY: 100% (19.5 pp)
1607-23-1608-02-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 92.31% (24 pp)
AY: 100% (19.5 pp)


07-09-1607-18-16UAF and FOUNDATIONFY: 96.15% (25 pp)
AY: 100% (19.5 pp)

Prior Year Reports

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