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Please review the content presented below regarding processes, regulations, travel forms, and tips and tricks. Be sure to contact Geoff Jacobs or Dawniel Dupee for any travel-related questions. 

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It is the responsibility of the traveler to adhere to and follow University Regulation relating to travel. For any questions regarding the travel regulation please contact the travel office.

BOR Travel Regulations: R05.02.060 (page 8)

Travel Basics

Information on Travel Authorizations (paper TA's), per diem, car rental, airfare, etc.

Travel & Expense Management (TEM)

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Account Codes

Account codes in the 2000 range are the major account classification for travel expenditures. Entries for budget, payroll or accounting purposes may not be made to this code. This group includes transportation, lodging, meals and other incidental travel expenses incurred by an individual on official travel status while away from a permanently assigned duty station.

Other expenses incurred while in travel status such as supplies, registration, printing, etc. must be allocated to the appropriate account code.

When assigning an account code one must take into account: where the traveler is going to and coming from, the type of funding being used, and the program code associated with the Org. For any questions please contact the Travel Office.

Account Codes

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