Travel is a necessary component for the University's success and we strive to make it as smooth of a process as possible. Please use this site as a resource for all UAF travel questions and be sure to contact our office for additional information or assistance.

For information regarding travel alerts, please visit the Risk Management website. 

Fiscal Year End Travel FY17

UAF Travel Reimbursement and Audit Processes

UAF Travel Approval Authority

UAF Self Travel Authorization

Step-by-Step Travel Process

Use the following as a quick-reference guide to traveling for University purposes. Your unit may have additional requirements, so check with your Travel Coordinator before making travel arrangements.

Before Travel

  1. Verify your TEM profile for accuracy. First-time users click HERE.
  2. Complete a paper TA form (basic / detailedOR enter travel information in TEM (depending on your Unit's procedure). 
  3. Review and apply the appropriate per-diem rates to your travel authorization.
  4. Upon approval, begin working with your Travel Coordinator to book airfare, hotel, and car rental (if necessary).
  5. Review the guidelines for Personal Travel Combined with Business, if applicable.

After Travel

  1. Submit original receipts to your Travel Coordinator.
  2. If your Unit requires a paper Travel Expense Report (TER), complete and submit with receipts to your Travel Coordinator.
  3. Reimbursement may be in the form of check payment or direct deposit, depending on your preference.

Note: If completing your own expense report in TEM, use the attachment feature for all backup. AT and ER detailed reports are still required in backup.

Risk Management Links:

Travel Accident - How to prepare and what to do in the event of an accident during travel status
Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability for Family / Friend Accompaniment - The family member or friend must sign this release if accompanying a UA traveler
Student Accident/Travel - What to do in the event of an accident during a UA student's travel
Auto Liability
Auto Physical Damage
Volunteer Services and Liability 

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