Operating & Capital Budget Requests

The UAF Planning & Budget Committee (P&BC) process has concluded for the FY15 UAF Legislative Requests and the committee recommendations moved to the Chancellor's Cabinet on June 17th, 2013, for further discussion.á

After considering all input, the Chancellor presented the UAF budget requests to Statewide in August.

Between August and November, the President, the Board of Regents and the MAU Chancellors work to submit a final (BOR approved) UA request to the Governor by December 2013.

FY15 UA Legislative Outcomes

Operating Budget

The final version of the UA operating budget (pending vetoes) is 2% less in state appropriations than the FY14 operating budget.á Reductions to the UA operating budget in FY15 include:

  1. Unallocated UA General Funding Reduction ($15,900.0)
  2. Reduction to UA Travel Expenditure ($1,066.2)

*UAF specific impact will be forthcoming.

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UAF Full FY15 Budget Request Submitted to UA Statewide August 2013

Face to Face Budget Kickoff Meeting Documents & Presentation

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FY15 UAF Budget Request Guidelines & Templates

The FY15 BOR approved guidelines for the FY15 Planning & Budget process are posted below.

- Operating (High Priority Academic Programs & Services)
- Capital (Facility, Technology, Research & Maintenance)á

A shift from the "hold the line" message in FY14, the FY15 guidelines emphasize cost containment in priority programs.á

Alignment with SDI Themes is now specified (rather than implied in FY14) and there is a strong message of "capped growth" with a focus on reliance on internal offsets vs. general fund increases.

On the capital side, implementation of the UA Building Fund (UBF) and targeting a reduction in deferred maintenance is noted.

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