Parking Lot Outlets

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Who controls the schedule? FS Utilities Division

Who fixes outlests when they are broken? FS Maintenance Division

Power to head bolt outlets in parking lots are cycled during the winter.

Power Off When the temperature is above +20° power is off in cycled lots.
Power On / Power Off When the temperature is between +20° and -25° outlets are cycled on the schedule below.
Power on When the temperature is colder than -25F° power is on continuously in all lots.


Admin Services Lot 1A & Harper Lot 1E: Power to these lots is controlled by a timer located inside the building which FS Maintenance Division maintains. Cycle every 30 minutes.

Barnette St. Parking Garage: Controlled by a relay timer. Cycles every 20 minutes below 20 ° F.

CTC: On a contactor to turn on/off the cycles with the temperature.

Hutchison: On schedule with School district. Contact Nicole Nordstrand 474-6757 with problems.

Above 20 cycle is 30 mins on 30 mins off.

Below 20 cycle is 15 mins   on 15 mins   off

Never powered on 24/7

Inupiat Lot 6K & U-Park NW Lot 1G: Power is controlled by local thermostat.   Lot should be energized at 20 ° F.

Reichardt - Lot 9N: Power is controlled by computer energy management system (DDC); also maintained by FS Maintenance Division.

Harwood Hall - Lot 6L: Power to this lot is controlled by a timer located inside the building which FS Maintenance Division maintains. It cycles every hour 24/7. Power Plant does not control this lot.


New Style of Headbolt Plugins Saves Energy!

Physical Plant 8D,8E, & 8F(Partial)

Power Plant 8H(Partial)

Arctic Health East 9B

Sheenjek (Murie) 9G

Cutler(SAC) 6A,6B,6C & 6D

Forestry 8D

Aviation Hangar

If a parking lot is not listed here, the power to that lot is continuously on.

Time Group 1 Group 2
7am - 9am
Power on Power on
9am - 10am
Power on Power off
10am - 11am
Power on Power on
11am - 12pm
Power on Power off
12pm - 1pm
Power on Power on
1pm - 2pm
Power on Power off
2pm - 3pm
Power on Power on
3pm - 8pm
Power on Power on
8pm - 7am
Hourly Cycle Hourly Cycle
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