PO Box Assignments

Rent $45 is charged at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters (this includes summer rent). Students who attend Summer Sessions classes only (May - August) may rent a box for $30.

Signing up for a new box online? Instructions here.

Closing a box or setting up a temporary forward? Instructions here.

Questions or problems?

For payment options contact the UAF Office of the Bursar at

474-7384 or email uaf-bursar@alaska.edu

For mail delivery questions or PO Box information contact the UAF Post Office at

474-7215 or email uaf-postoffice@alaska.edu

How to get a PO Box when you are a student living off campus:
As space is available, students living off campus may rent boxes at the student rate. Larger boxes are available for students or departments at a higher rate.

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