Bulk Mail

The UAF Mail Services Center no longer offers bulk mail services. For bulk mail outsourcing information contact:

  • Advanced Printing (Mike)    451-1111
  • Graphic North (Wayne)    452-1907
  • Quick Mail (Shelia)    452-6179

If bulk mail training is desired, contact Mail Services to set up a training course with the Federal Post Office™. If time and staffing allows, UAF Mail Services offers bulk mail transport in the following cases:

  • If a department completes a bulk mailing, UAF Mail Services will transport the mailing to the Bulk Mail Station (located at the Airport Post Office).
  • UAF Mail Services will transport an unprocessed bulk mailing to Advanced Printing, Graphic North or Quick Mail.

Note: The outsourcing businesses will also courier unprocessed bulk mailings for a fee.

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