Geography Program Faculty

The faculty within the Geography Program have a depth and breadth of expertise that covers the United States, Alaska and the Circumpolar North. The faculty are committed to student success through teaching and research that prepare geographers to address the many challenges we now face in a globalized society, particularly from a northern perspective. Particular focus is given to the unique challenges found in Alaska.


Cary de Wit

Associate Professor of Geography,
Department Chair, Geography

Research Interests:
cultural geography, North American regional cultures, rural cultures, perceptual geography, and sense of place. Recent research interests are popular perceptions of Alaska and the expression of frontier ideology in Alaskan politics, culture, and landscape.


Dan Mann

Assistant Professor of Geography 

Research Interests:
forest ecology, ice-age climate change, and the interactions between prehistoric humans and changing climate.

Current Research Programs:

- Studies of environmental change at the end of the last ice age on the North Slope
- Human impacts on island ecosystems in the South Pacific
- Fire history in Interior Alaska; rock-dwelling microbes in Antarctica
- Glacial history around the Gunnison Basin, Colorado
- Human adaptations to global change in the Makalu region of Nepal
- Fluvial responses to climate change during the Holocene on the Southern High Plains

Curriculum Vitae


Current/recent postdoctoral fellows and graduate students

Course Syllabi:
Biogeography - GEOG 418 and BIOL 618
Ice Age Alaska - GEOG 493 / 693
Climate Change Processes ATM 494/694 and GEOG 494/694 (4 credits)


Chris Maio

Current Research Interests:
Coastal hazard vulnerability
Historical military terrain analysis
Paleo-climate change & sea-level change
Courses he’ll be Teaching:
GEOG 111x Physical Geog w/Lab
GEOG 339 Maps & Landscape Analysis
GEOG 483w Resrch Design, Writing, Present. Meth
2014, PhD, Environmental Science, University of Mass.-Boston
2009 M.S. Environmental Science, University of Mass.-Boston
2007 B.S. Earth and Geographical Science, Summa cum Laude, University of Mass.-Boston
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