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Bristol Bay University Center: To provide resources to support University educational efforts at Bristol Bay University Center. This fund may also provide scholarship support to qualified students at the Bristol Bay Campus. (20715)

Icicle Seafoods Bristol Bay Student Scholarship: To provide scholarships for students attending Bristol Bay Campus and also to provide funding for the Bristol Bay Campus' microbiology lab equipment. (20434)

Troth Yedda Park Support: To provide funding support for Troth Yedda Park. The land now occupied by the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus was called Troth Yeddha' (wild potato hill) by the Tanana Athabascans. With increasing numbers of native students coming to UAF the interest in having a touchstone place on campus that is reflective of their peoples’ culture and traditions has grown. It’s taken more than 15 years of planning and collaborating on this idea, but the plans for the park structure have been drawn up and we hope to soon see Troth Yeddha Park break ground.

Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI): To provide support of the Rural Alaska Honors Institute and its students. The UAF Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI), founded at the request of the Alaska Federation of Natives in 1983, was established to prepare rural and Alaska Native high school students for academic excellence and college success.

Festival of Native Arts – General: To provide support for Festival of Native Arts at UAF. The Festival of Native Arts provides cultural education and sharing through Native dance, music, and traditional arts. The Festival continues the University of Alaska Fairbanks student-led tradition that began in 1973 of bringing together artists, performers, and performance groups in a celebration of Native cultures.

College of Rural and Community Development Support: Your support of this discretionary fund allows the dean to fund research support, scholarships, fellowships, equipment, and faculty recruitment and retention.

UAF Annual Fund: Through annual giving at UAF, alumni, parents, employees and friends support the university’s areas of immediate and greatest need, including scholarships, fellowships, equipment, facilities maintenance and renovation, research and faculty recruitment and retention.

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