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Nov. 20, 2014 -- East side door of the Duckering Building


How come the middle door on the east side of the Duckering Building is always locked?


From Paul Brown, Building Safety Officer Technician

When the construction started the whole road way was closed off and we stopped unlocking the door, but we'll work with folks to ensure that it's unlocked now. 

Nov. 19, 2014 -- New shuttle stop at Wood Center


Is UAF going to consider moving the shuttle stop from in front of the Wood Center?

The current route takes 12-15 minutes, so we have to come 20-30 minutes early to make sure we are on time.

Service vehicles are in the current stop, and sometimes back up while people are walking in the area or getting off the shuttle, making students scramble away not to get run over. When the service vehicles are there the shuttle has had to stop on the road before and let students off where it doesn't feel safe to be stopped.

There is not warming shack, so it is a very cold wait. If we go into the Wood Center to wait the shuttle is full or pulling away before we can get to it. And yesterday there were students slipping and falling trying to make it from the Wood Center to the shuttle fast enough.

The Wood Center stop is not near any classes, offices or dorms where people's destinations are.


From Martin Klein, Division of Auxiliary and Contract Services business manager

We constantly evaluate shuttle service for efficient and safe operations. The move from the Eielson shuttle stop addressed safety concerns with that stop, delays in shuttle service from traffic and congestion in the hallway waiting area of Eielson. We are studying the usage of the new stop at Wood Center for adjustments that may make sense and also looking at usage on the Yukon and University Routes. Shuttle ridership campus wide is up this year over last.

If you have comments or concerns about specific occurrences it is best to report them directly to transportation services by calling 474-RIDE (7433) or to send an email to uafshuttles@fs.uaf.edu

Nov. 19, 2014 -- Location of recycling bins


Why does the university place recycle bins in a location that is difficult to access from campus (on a one-way street?) Originally located across from the Student Rec Center, the recycle bins were easily accessible from west ridge and lower campus. If they are still down by Farmers Loop, they can not be accessed from campus due to the one way road. (I have not used the since they were moved to that location)


From Michele Hebert, Office of Sustainability director

Thank you for providing feedback about the location of the recycling bins. The dumpsters were moved from the Nenana Parking lot across from the Patty Center to the Taku parking lot because of construction staging in 2011 and will likely need to stay there as we move into other construction phases. The placement in the Taku lot was ideal in some ways because the FNSB Transfer site is just across the street, providing residents with a nearby place to drop off recyclable materials. The location is also convenient for the departments who are handling the bulk of recycling on our campus. We hope you continue to recycle.

If you have additional questions about your recycling options, please contact the Office of Sustainability at 474-5070.

Nov. 19, 2014 -- Salaried employees teaching courses during business hours


Is there a formal policy on salaried employees teaching courses during business hours in addition to their actual job duties? It would seem that someone who is holding an adjunct position teaching during business hours is essentially getting paid twice for the same hour. Can that possibly be OK?


From Brad Lobland, Director and Campus Ethics Officer of the Office of Human Resources

If an exempt employee teaches a class during their normal working hours and is being compensated for that class, then that employee should claim annual leave for those hours. 

Nov. 19, 2014 -- Parking citations


What happened to parking enforcement? I routinely see people parking in lots on campus without any type of decal and in handicap areas without receiving tickets (I leave for lunch, come back, they are still there, no ticket). I also have a friend who parks in a gold lot and she just happened to notice at least 4 non-gold and non-decal vehicles parked in the lot and she was almost without a spot.  This is not the first time this has happened to her either.  I believe there was some reorganizing of parking enforcement to the Police Dept, but it seems to be there is no enforcement now and that is highly disappointing. It feels as though we are paying parking decals for no reason if people can park here for free or without penalty (especially the handicap spots, that's just unacceptable).  


From Police Chief Keith Mallard

I have been monitoring our efforts to ensure that enforcement does not decrease. Citations have slightly increased in the first quarter (July-Sept) over last year. 

We can also advise people that if they see someone not complying with the parking regulations they can always call UAFPD Dispatch and report the violation. When we receive these reports we send someone out to investigate. It is usually a CSO that is sent out but if they are unavailable we send one of our officers.  

Nov. 19, 2014 -- Selling at the University of Alaska Mall site


How does one get an account to sell at the University of Alaska Mall Site?


From Amanda Wall, Office of the Bursar director

Parties interested in selling at the University of Alaska Mall Site should contact me at http://www.uaf.edu/finserv/bursar/e-commerce-credit-card-us/

Nov. 18, 2014 -- Ted Stevens Paper Project


One million dollars, two archivists and several students (student volunteers, I presume) to organize the Ted Stevens papers? Where did the $1 million actually go?


From Suzanne Bishop, Development and Public Information Officer, Rasmuson Library

The funds have been spent over the past 5 years. The library employs students when possible, and the Ted Stevens Papers Project is a great example of this—the students who worked on the papers were employees. In addition to salaries, some supplies and equipment were needed, and a room was prepared (including specialized bookshelves) to securely house the 4,700 boxes of materials. The film and video were removed and digitized to preserve the information on them before the items disintegrated. Staff also cared for other items, such as photographs and damaged paper, which requires special supplies. Anyone with questions about the project is welcome to contact Dean of Libraries Bella Gerlich, bkgerlich@alaska.edu. 

Nov. 14, 2014 -- Assistant athletic director for compliance


Who is the UAF administrator responsible for NCAA compliance?


From Carla Browning, Communications Manager

Charlie Hill is the assistant athletic director for compliance. He can be reached at cchill@alaska.edu

Nov. 6, 2014 -- Eielson Building doors


The new doors in the Eielson Building look great! However, the "wave" sensor for automatic openings need tweaking. On the end of the building near Gruening, these aren't working most of the time. On the end near the metered parking lots, they work too well. If you walk past the wave sensors, the doors automatically open, and stay open. This is creating some heat loss from the building. (which, honestly, is a relief, because the building is always smoldering, but it is wasteful).


From Marianne Freelong, Customer Service Manager of Facilities Services

Thank you for notifying us. The contractor has been contacted and should be there soon.

Nov. 6, 2014 -- Soft closure


Will there be a soft closure this year?  Are more hard closure days anticipated?


From Brad Lobland, Director and Campus Ethics Officer of the Office of Human Resources

No, there will not be a soft closure this year. The hard closure is limited to the three days between the holidays, Dec. 29, 30 and 31. A memo with additional details on the hard closure will be coming out soon. If you would like to take additional leave during the holidays please work with your supervisor for approval.

Nov. 4, 2014 -- Tapingo


I think Tapingo is great! However I wish it was available for the salad bar. Is that something that is coming?


From Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, Contracts Manager of Auxiliary, Recharge and Contract Operations

Glad you like Tapingo! We'll be adding locations over the next month or so but we're going to be changing the format for the salad bar very soon. This change will affect whether or not the salad bar will be made available via Tapingo. Feel free to contact Dining Services at uaf-dining@alaska.edu and we'll keep you up to date.

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