Shannon Magnuson

McGrath Center Coordinator

I am the daughter of Herman Gates and Naomi Norback and am both Athabascan and Eskimo. I was raised in McGrath, Alaska up until four years when my husband and I decided to move to Anchorage. My husband of 12 years is Derek Magnuson and we have four children, 3 sons, Damion 17, Derek 13, Dayton 9 and 1 daughter, Athena who is 3.

I enjoy being outdoors with my family whether it be berry picking, watching my children fish or getting dirty while clamming on the Kenai. I love taking road trips, camping and seeing new places. One of my very favorite places to vacation with my family is Disney Land. On my own I enjoy photography and scrapbooking the most.

I am a former UAF Interior-Aleutians Campus student and worked for the McGrath Region, in McGrath from 2000-2008. At this time I am working out of my home in Anchorage and traveling to the McGrath Region Sites as needed. My position as allows me to work with people from all over Alaska and I love that. In my position I assist students/community members in furthering their education and also work with communities in getting local (on site) courses set up as there is interest. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance with furthering your education or would like to see a local course set up in your community!

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